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- Emotional Control EP


Wicked Expectation’s new EP Emotional Control will come out on June 26th 2020. It’s a two tracks EP which combines IDM and Brokenbeat genres, surrounded by atmospheric grooves that create an immersive sound for the listener. Inspired by clubbing culture, the essence of Emotional Control is reflected by the two tracks that differs a lot from each other.

​The EP has been recorded during COVID-19 lockdown: it expresses the need of escapism with a melancholic feeling that embraces the two tracks. Distance and isolation required emotional control in order to go through this extraordinary period, having an impact also on Wicked Expectation’s sound. Grain of Sand sounds very contemporary, having at the same time some influence coming from the 90s. Kick drum and bass lines remind IDM genre, while glitched vocals reach their climax during chorus part creating melodiesand synthpop atmosphere. Emotional Control sounds more experimental, with a brokenbeat groove made by drum, synth bass and vocal samples combination. Themelancholy of Covid-19 isolation played its role on Wicked Expectation new style, culminated with the creation of this track. EP artwork is designed by Pietro Tenuta AKA Maniacodamore, an artist and illustrator from Turin. Emotional Control EP is the first step into the new collaboration between Wicked Expectation and Sideshape Recordings independent label.

Artwork: Maniaco D'amore [Pietro Tenuta] 

2020 | Sideshape Recordings

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