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Time is elusive. It proceeds swiftly in a straight line, always forward and without waiting for us. Being on this continuous and unstoppable path, leads us to ask ourselves many questions about the present and the future. But as far as we go forward, everything, meant as what shapes all things, is also a cyclical trajectory. It returns, never the same as before but always ready to come back to itself. Just as the hands of the clock move swirling towards their origin and then overtake it again and go beyond it countless times. Life too proceeds inexorably forward and in a circle, retracing each step and acquiring new form.
After all, you just wanna moving clockwise. 

Video Concept

Water is one of the most precious assets, it is generated and regenerated continuously - as well as allowing creation itself on our planet. Just as the hands in a clock proceed in a circle towards the origin and then overtake it and find it again later, water also fulfills its life by being born and being absorbed, and then it starts all over again. However fast its pace continues, water begins to show signs of wear, fatigue and, at times, defeat. It is no longer inexhaustible. It is no longer something certain. 

Will there still be hope in the future?A shy flower ready to bloom, despite the adversities of the world that generated it...

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