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Producer, arranger and sound designer far from any genre limit, Plato loves to cross over sound styles ranging from ambient to house, from world music to the realization of soundtracks. This eclecticism mixed with a more emotional harmonic research makes its productions suitable for both a more intimate listening and more refined clubbing.

Beginning with a jazz-like formation, has started his musical journey through electronic music in 1996 with several gigs on Val di Susa clubs, outside Turin-Italy.


In 2015 he founds the Unlimit project, together with the fellow producer Imo with the featurin of the Londoner singer-performer Randolph Mathews. In 2016 he released Awake under the label Elastica Records. A more accomplished production representing an achievement on Plato's artistic path and, at the same time, a new starting point for further development and experimentation.

Simultaneously, he collaborates with the theater company Fabula Rasa inside the Black Fabula project as a soundscaper / sound-designer, for which he produces the track Refugee released by the label Type Konnection.


From late 2017 he has started a deep collaboration with the Turin based label Sideshape. In 2020 starts with a new project called “Vento” in collaboration with the song writer Esma.

Rueda [out 20.11.2020]
artwork Maniaco d'Amore


The wheel is the metaphor of our life, turning and turning without any stop. With its happy and unhappy moments, nice and bad. However, all of them are important.

The constant arpeggiator-sound evokes an endless stream of life. The broken-offbeat drumbeat is typical of northern europe electronic music. 
It is sometimes suspended though, so as to highlight how important “breaks and recoveries” may be important in our life.

“These days are a bit like going on a Ferris wheel, a continuous descent and rise of emotions.
We are like two rides of that wheel that are close but at the same time distant, which keep turning and turning in the hope of being able to touch each other."

Maniaco d'Amore

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Starting from 2017 Sideshape Recordings is a music label aiming to produce, promote and endorse manifold sides and lights of electronic music, got a wide open soul, from the most obscure and raw shade of Electronic sound atmospheres as well as Minimal flavors to brighter and elegant side, shining on House, Deep, Chillout, Leftfield groovy sounds, and is going to include Urban styles and Indie

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