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DALO - Simulacro EP

"The art of stilness " has always been a motto that inspired me to create music. Simplicity in stopping and observing a world in constant change, as it changes My desire to always create different sounds in the peace of my bedroom. After more than a year of work comes "Simulacro", two pieces that best describe the Dichotomy between the continuous flow of things and the contemplation of them.

Simulacro: borns from contemplation of the sea, which can be seen from the view of a small vegetable garden.
Transmitting the sensation of continuous movement in absolute stillness. Two opposites, restlessness and peace. To produce sounds sitting in front of the pc but to create worlds in continuous movement


Entropia: Chaos and disorder as in the universe serve music, entropy is the result of work that within a year has undergone continuous upheavals. Caused by changes of ideas, mood and influences, a perfect example of how everything in nature and in life follows a pattern of infinite transformation.


Simulacro | Plato Remix: Space and time are confused, not only by the concept of place and time, but also geographically and rhythmically. The intimate atmospheres travel, move away from the comfort of the known and a bit like a Salgarian journey they go towards the search for an almost tropical and tribal nature, you move, maybe you dance ... but it’s definitely a trip.

Artwork: Maniaco D'amore [Pietro Tenuta] 

2020 | Sideshape Recordings

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